Super Mario 35th Anniversary Pins: On a More Personal Note

On a more personal note, instead of complaining on the My Nintendo Tech Support forums, which could eventually get people banned for rioting, I just want to point out why I feel like this could have been done differently.

We who have been complaining in the My Nintendo Tech Support forums have been acting like the greedy people we are upset with. But, greedy because we wanted the Pin set.

To Nintendo: if you see this.

My reasoning for feeling cheated is that, as everyone knows, the 35th Anniversary is a once in a lifetime event, and for this special Pin set to be overtaken by greedy people is a mockery.

From what was posted on the forums, it seemed like only a fraction of people who actually wanted the Pin set got it. As I didn’t see any posts of anyone saying that they were actually able to redeem the Pin set. The rest apparently went on ebay as “pre orders”.

How they actually got multiple Pin sets? I can’t say I know.

I feel like this is a special time, it being the 35th Anniversary of Super Mario and I wanted to celebrate it. But these greedy people are almost ruining it.

All that I would ask of Nintendo, is to give the true fans a way to redeem their Pin sets that they lawfully earned by completing missions. I would even go on to say that I would actually purchase a Pin set directly from Nintendo.

But, no matter what the outcome is, or whether or not this situation will be fixed, I will still support Nintendo. After all, this is a big milestone for Nintendo, it being the 35th Anniversary of Super Mario.

The SNES was my first game console and I’ve always stuck with Nintendo as my favorite gaming console. After all the dust has cleared, at least I’ll still have my Nintendo Switch and the joyous memories of gaming on Nintendo consoles.