Hello everyone!

I’m Kyle Ransford. I live in Arkansas.

I’m a Christian, Game Developer, Retro 90’s Gamer, Narnia, Nintendo & Mega Man Fan.

What you’ll see on 8bitkyle.com is Nintendo Inspired Crafts & DIY Projects, Game, Toy, & Collectible Reviews. I’ll also be doing Retro & Modern Game Reviews all from a Christian, family friendly perspective.

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Social Networks

I’m on social networks at Twitter & Instagram @ KyleRansford

You can also find me on

N4G at n4g.com/user/home/kyleransford

TechSpy at techspy.com/user/home/kyleransford

FilmWatch at filmwatch.com/user/home/kyleransford


8-bit Kyle
1 Timothy 4:12. Chokma! I'm Kyle aka 8-bit Kyle. Chickasaw Native American, Game Reviewer, Retro 90’s Gamer. http://streamelements.com/8bitkyle